The 21st century: a historically unparalleled time of technological advancement, rapidly expanding everyday and in every field imaginable. These days, everything can be digitised: pixelated versions of what we eat, see, hear, play, do—we can now roam and experience the world from the screen of a hand-held device. This connection between life and technology enables us to explore the universe, peering into the mysteries of this deep space not from the helm of some alien spacecraft, but from the familiar pleather seat of a taxi. The moment we board this drifting taxi, it begins to take us on a navigation-assisted voyage of exploration. In fact, this is a ride that each of us are already on: individual expeditions which, though our paths and destinations may be unique and never cross, still, somehow, within this vastly wired universe, may all yet be connected.
2016 “Communication Art 2016 Illustration Annual Award”, Award of Excellence, United States

Pen on Drawing Paper  |  400 x 32 cm  |  2015

Offset Printing |  20 x 32 cm  |  Format: Concertina |  2015