Interior & identity design for a whisky bar in Central (Hong Kong).The concept of the bar is initiated by a spiritually exhausted traveler has been fallen when travelling across the snow-capped mountains located anonymously in Europe, he is later saved by a monk from a monastery short distance away. In the haziness the monk offered him a cup of wine which he could not remember clearly what it was, but he new that this cup of wine removed his fatigue spiritually and physically and gave him strength to continue his journey.
When he return from the journey, he started to carry out various experiments with his fragmented memories, trying to find the recipe to reproduce the unforgettable taste of the wine that the monk offered. He wanted to share the experience and the taste to the people in town, he wanted to give strength to the people and help them to climb across the wall of the life within our mind.

Client: Bar Ginger (Hong Kong)
Interior & Identity  |  2015